songwriting tips

Lets exploit these ideas and produce meaningful chord progressions

good luck with these songwriting tips

tip 1

this technique is very basic

we are discovering where to look

we stay in one key, we start making sense

we start on the first chord of the key of G Major

tip 2

what happens if we don't start with the first chord of the key?

it takes it's name from the mode name at that position

we start making serious sounding progressions

tip 3

Nirvana technique

modulating between Major and Minor


we start using a formula to construct

tip 4

Minor Keys

The First and most important rule of Minor Keys is this

use a Minor chord

then what?

find out where to look

tip 5

The Blues meets European Logic

The Blues usually means a 12 bar chord progression

European Logic makes sense

any combination of the two ideas

we're getting interesting now

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songwriting tips