12 steps to guitar heaven

great guitar great set-up

Let me set-up your guitar

I have logged thousands of hours of set-up work on hundreds of guitars

most shops don't consider a set-up to be of any value at all

infact it's how I judge a guitar shop

BMW, MERCEDES and AUDI all service cars that they sell, to ensure longevity and enjoyment of ownership.

Try these 12 steps to guitar heaven on me(click on the chart below)

want your guitar should feel like it did on the day you bought it?

mine do

call John on 01642 616618 (for a map use TS19 8JU in googlemaps)

I'll even do a minor repair for free whilst I set your guitar up.

like putting in a new pick-up or jack socket

selling your guitar?

Let me put a new set of strings on it, set it up and make it play like new

first one to try will buy

save £10 now with my price buster

@ £35 and you supply strings