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Q. How can you be a perfect guitarist?

A. Study and master as many styles as you can and begin to generate your own unique voice, through the application of what you have learnt.

Q. How can I play the blues?

A. Well, there are different scales for soloing, that are unique to certain players.
  • To emulate BB King and Peter Green ( Need Your Love So Bad) use the Dorian Minor Mode. 
  • Clapton usually combines two Major Pentatonics. 
  • Hendrix used both of the ideas plus he could play vertical on top of each chord as well.
  • (Subscribe to my ezine and get an A7 12 bar progression mp3 and 3 others together with scale/chord charts)
  • Be actively playing in lots of different bands. Analyze the chords and scales from each track you have to perform.
  • Say "YES" to every request to play.
  • My "Easy Blues" ebook is on it`s way with video footage of the riffs and A Dorian Minor.

Q.Thanks for checking out my progression and telling me to buy Chord Chemistry. It's really helped my learning and has improved my songwriting ability. Are there any other books u would recommend I buy?

A. For developing your reading its got to be
  •  Louis Belson's "Modern Reading Text in 4/4" here .
  • Then anything by Brett Willmott from Berklee for chords. 
  • also Chord Chemistry can be ordered here
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