songwriting tips 4

Composing in Minor Keys

The First and most important rule of Minor Keys

in songwriting tips 4

is this

The First chord must be a Minor chord.

if the first chord is Fm or Fm7

then the key is F Minor

if you want to write a song in F Minor

make your first chord Fm or Fm7

the next question is

which F Minor is it

there are several Minor scales/modes to choose from

it's also very common to mix one Minor mode/scale with another

minor scale list

Dorian Minor (IInd mode of major scale)

Phrygian Minor (IIIrd mode of a major scale)

Natural Minor (VIth mode of a major scale)

Locrian (VIIth mode of a major scale)

Harmonic Minor

Melodic Minor

lets assume you are starting with Fm7

you could visit any F Minor scale/mode for chords

you could use some chords from

F Dorian Minor (IInd mode of Eb major scale)

F Phrygian Minor (IIIrd mode of Db major scale)

F Natural Minor (VIth mode of Ab major scale)

F Locrian (VIIth mode of Gbmajor scale)

F Harmonic Minor

F Melodic Minor

You don't have to use them all

you could use three minor modes from major keys

here's "Little Wing"

typical song in E Minor

||Em / / / |G / / / |Am / / / |Em / / / |Bm9 / / Bbm7| Am7 / C / |

|Gsus2 Asus2 Gsus2 Fsus2|C / |D / / / |D / / / ||

BARS 1 2 3 4 from E Natural Minor (G)

BAR 5 from E Dorian Minor (D) Bbm7 is an irrelevent passing chord

BAR 6 7 8 from E Phrygian Minor (C)

BAR 9 10 from E Natural Minor (G)

* keys are derived from scalar fills

* played on top of each chord

* and chord type used.

good demo of songwriting tips 4

This is also an excellent example of vertical soloing.

Of which Hendrix was a Master