songwriting tips 3

Modulating between Major and Minor


which Major and which Minor?

well it's not obvious

remember I've transcrbed over 30,000 tracks to get here.

now we start to manipulate the modes using a formula

we will modulate between G Major


G Natural Minor(VI Mode of Bb Major)

lets take the 3 major chords from G Major

and the 3 major chords from G Natural Minor(Bb Major)

here's the science

You must use G as the first chord. ok

then use the other major chords(C,D,Bb,Eb or F) in any order

the result is instant

you sound like Nirvana

||G / C / | F / Bb / ||

check out my Instant Nirvana page

ok It's not big enough for a song. sure

Let's tweak it

continue using those major chords till you fancy a change

the next chord you use that's not G,C, D, Bb,Eb or F is your new begining chord

lets say you choose E

we will take the three major chords from E Major (E,A &B)

the three major chords from E Natural Minor( G Major) (G ,C & D)

and mix them in any order after we play E

we get this

||E / C / | G / A B ||

These ideas seem to of generated every Nirvana song.

* randomly choose each key

* randomly choose the time spent in each key

* use the same Major to Natural Minor formula based on the first new chord

a winner

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