Where do chords come from?

From SCALES of course

let me help you play like this for $10

select these charts and discover what keys chords come from.

you'll find out how to manipulate each chart.

calculate the key of the song


if you could

you could use that major scale for your solo

if they are in G major you use a G major Scale pattern.

work it the other way

write a song in a key of your choice!

Power chords

powerchord pdf

use these and sound like green day

simple shapes

easy to play

just start with the first chord

(that's the first vertical column)

then choose any horizontally from the right

sounds great

they're related and mysterious


3 note chords all keys pdf

strong sounding

majors and minors

try starting anywhere you want

but stay in that key

great for hymm and rasmus bands


4 note chords pdf

easier to determine the key

easier to hear a key change too

start anywhere

use any key that contains the root of your first choice

beatles, oasis, sheryll crow etc

Chord Possibilities

How many in G Major?

Here they are

And how to use them

Make something simple

Sound class

You choose them

Get a Chord Chemistry by Ted Green

Don't work them out yourself
this way to the page

How many scales can you use for Asus2?

I show you how to use this chart

we trace Asus2 in Major,Harmonic and Melodic scales

How many scales can you play over Asus2

ah I thought so!!

Chord Possibilities in Every Major Key

here is a chart showing the possibilities of each chord in every key

click on the graphic

download the chart

Easy Blues/Chord Subs/Chord Ext/Horizontal Soloing


to the King of Chords E-zine

get 4 free mp3's to make you a monster soloist

4 backing tracks for you to solo against
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