Chord Possibilities

G Major

Imagine being regarded as a cool chord player!

This is how it`s done

you will need a couple of good chord books and bit of time on this page

This chart below shows the chord possibilities in the key of G Major

for the chosen chords only

they are built using the notes of G Major

they are considered "in the key of G Major"

using the chart?

lets use it on a small chord progression in the key of G

|| G / / / | Am / / / | C / / / | D / / / ||

this progression would be considered basic.

you are expected to experiment within G Major

any of the G chords below can be used instead

of just plain G.
the same applies for the Am,C and D chords.

all you have to do is extend each chord

within the confines of G major.

the solo is safe as is the melody and bassline.

your reputation, however, is through the roof!

based on the above possiblities.....try this..................

|| Gsus2 / / / | A7sus4 / / / | Cadd9 / / / | Dsus2 / / / ||

chord possibilities for G Major ( pdf chart )

Chord possibilities for ALL Major KEYS

click on thre graphic for the chart