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welcome to the printable powerchord chart ....... click on the chord chart(it appears just below this text)

then you can print it out, share with your friends etc. the chart shows every powerchord in each key. what?

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chords sound SAFE when you group them with their friends. YOU feel SAFE with your friends right?

Looking at the top line of the chord chart

if you start with G5 and follow with chords horizontally from G5 these chords are from G Major

follow G5 with chords chosen horizontally, they feel safe, sound safe, your mates go cooooool man!

You have written a progression in G Major. use Gmajor scale for your solo

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Try starting on D5, choosing chords horizontally from D5 Like this D5 / / / E5 / / / G5 / / / F#5 / A5 /

use D Major scale for your solo and become a HERO

Good luck………………… you’re on your way………………………….

right click and save as

powerchords are

A5, G5, F5 etc etc

only two notes in these chords

could be major or minor, but really are, niether.

search for G5 and you`ll find it in 6 keys

so G5 could be used instead of G or Gm

start with G5 and follow with chords horizontally

you have written a GREEN DAY song

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printable powerchord chart

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