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Free Guitar Scale Chart

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download any of these free guitar scale charts

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they are pdf files so you'll need acrobat

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click on the navigation bars for some chord charts

and more scale charts

free guitar lessons

get some Major Scale patterns here

click on the thumbnail

that's the graphic on the left
go to the excersise page for this free guitar scale chart

gtr tab

get some Mixolydian Scale patterns here

click on the graphic on the left
go to the excersise page for this free scale chart

guitar chords


what's all that about?

well if you're a great soloist

you've mastered your scales

the chords actually support your solo

you identify the correct scale

through analyzing the chords

then randomize the scale pattern

great, simple ?

Am and D

they're in the key of G Major

get your mates to play 4 beats of each chord

you play anything from G Major scale

you're a hero

go to the soloing page

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