Songwriting Workshops

Successful songwriters were invited to share their method of creating songs at my local music college:-

Each one failed to deliver on the musical theory they applied whilst constructing their musical component ……the chord progression.

Most discounted the music as irrelevant.

Some picked chords out of a hat

One used a tuning and was unable to identify any chord names or key.

All considered the words as the most important component.

Inspire your Learners


I just wanted to let you know that you're still the best in the business. I've just completed a degree in jazz and probably wouldn't have made it through without some of your knowledge.

Your protégé Dom Gill

Hi john, how are you, tell u what things are getting hard now, not theory or guitar lessons though, you've put us in good stead for all that. None of the students in my year know about substitution and reharmonisation. That's not till next year apparently. Cheers for the well needed advice john, much appreciated.


You've opened my ears to something new. For, although I could hear the differences, now I understand better WHY. And to me, that's the big question; why and how did they go that particular route, where is the logic. And for that, I cannot thank you enough. You've opened a door for me; I anxiously await the next issue of the newsletter.


Lifetime of Invention

I agree that a song with a story is crucial, but the vehicle that carries the message, the chord progression, deserves just as much attention.

Give me your singers, drummers, bassists, guitarists and keyboard players for one morning.

And they will experiment, with these ideas / formulae that I share with them, for a lifetime.

No chord knowledge or physical ability needed.

you can download the charts for the Songwriting Workshop here

How is it done?

We can all buy books on songwriting, but it’s no substitute for the knowledge and understanding I have gained from the 40,000 songs I have transcribed and analysed.

Learners need the tools explained clearly, simply and demonstrated with a minimal amount of fuss.

And to be able to recreate the concepts themselves immediately

Some study composition for years in a hope to recreate/create certain classic styles, but today’s pop/rock/ballad chord progressions have much less rigidity and can be mastered in a few minutes.

Let’s work together to help your learners remember their college days a milestone in their musical careers

you can download the charts for the Songwriting Workshop here

Book Now

I’m booking now for 2009. I am available in your area.

I have a valid CRB certificate available for inspection if required.

I charge £1497 for the Songwriting Workshop that will enhance their ability to construct meaningful chord progressions forever.

All costs include travel and administration.

Contact me here to arrange the Songwriting Workshop

I have personally generated the materials for this course.

They are available online for your learners to download and study in preparation for the workshop.

This course is not available from anyone else in the UK! or the World.

you can download the charts for the Songwriting Workshop here

We discover

European logic

The Blues

The Beatles’ song that incorporates these 2 concepts…………. I FEEL FINE

What chord The Cure use in every song and why.

How to write in a Major key.

How to write in a Minor key.

How to write in a Mode.

The ramifications of the above regarding soloing.

Nirvana’s songwriting formula…….SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT etc etc

7 places to visit after your first chord for your next chords

Why you’ve heard it before

Song Structure

How to name that key

The 5 golden rules of bass lines

you can download the charts for the Songwriting Workshop here

For players

Your role when faced with a chord progression.

Chord extensions

Chord substitutions

Relative Minor using A Major Scale? ……… Distant Sun by Crowded House

Minor clichés…………….Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

Displace Roots…………..Eternal Flame by The Bangles

you can download the charts for the Songwriting Workshop here

The charts

The charts:-


3 note chords every key

4 note chords every key

Major scale Modes in every key

Chord possibilities in Major, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor Scales.

Chord possibilities in G Major

The A7 12 bar blues

Chord possibilities in Major, Harmonic and Melodic Minors

Chord possibilities in Diminished and Whole Tone Scales

Song chord charts:-