Chord Progression of the Month #5

Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits

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Great use of a chord called a Secondary Dominant

The most important topic here is not the solo,

which is in D Natural Minor (F Major )

but the licks over the A chord in this sequence :-

||: Dm / / / | C / Bb / | A / / / |A / / / : ||

Secondary dominants can come into being

when a V - I relationship occurs.

This diatonic chord progression would contain an Aminor chord.

But because there is a Vth interval between Am and Dm

the Am can become A or A7.

The ramifications, of what scales you can use to solo over this chord


you could use:-

* A Major pentatonic. Vertical possibility for any Major chord.

* A Minor pentatonic. Creates a bluesy sound against a Major chord.

* F Major scale/C Myxolidian. The original key is still valid.

* C Myxolidian add C#. Adds the difference between A and A minor.

* D Harmonic Minor. A7 is the Vth chord.

* D Melodic Minor. A7 is the Vth chord.

* E Melodic Minor. A7 is the IVth chord.

* Bb Melodic Minor. A7 is the VIIth chord.

* D Major/A Myxolidian. A7 is the Vth chord.

* Bb Diminished.

* A Wholetone.

These are just few of the possible scales to use over the A chord.

Listen to Mark Knofler soloing.

Can you identify which scale and when he plays it.

Be careful! these ideas may not work on other D minor progressions.

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