Chord Progression Of The Month 2,

Under The Bridge by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Chord Progression Of The Month 2,

Under The Bridge by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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great song

cool songwriting techniques

good unrelated collection of ideas


Understanding the logic behind each chord progression is really where it`s at

If you want to add to your songwriting ability.

Bar one has a D chord followed by 4 notes from A Major

(evidence of D Lydian Mode in action)

The F# chord is followed with notes from B Harmonic Minor or D Phrygian nat 3

(the justification to use F# is that it belongs in a scale that contains a D type chord).

try playing a D chord then follow it with notes from A Major scale

(no need to learn D Lydian)

then an F# chord followed by B Harmonic Minor scale

(no need to learn D Phrygian nat 3 iether)

that`s the sound

your ear has heard it before

you know it`s possible

now your brain has justified it

this is pretty exotic as the rest of the song just uses major and major/minor ideas

also it`s just a small idea stuck on the front. D3 and E3 come from A Major also.

the verse

Starts with an E chord and every chord is from the key of E Major

Adds some stability here and ends on E Maj7 the I chord of E Major.

A bit bland but most peoples ears choose these chords cos they are safe.

If all the chords in this song where in one key we wouldn`t be listening to it.

the chorus

still using chords from E Major here

could be justified as F# Dorian Minor since this section starts with F#m7

F# Dorian Minor is E Major

the end

Classic Nirvana idea

modulating from A Major (A) to A Natural Minor/C Major (C G6 FMaj7)

then one chord from A Natural (F Maj7)

then one chord from A Major (E7)

and G from A Natural(C)

please note the chord fingerings using the thumb for A C G6 and F Maj7


INTRO:- D Lydian(A Major) to D Phrygian Natural 3(B Harmonic Minor)

VERSES:- E Major

CHORUS:- F# Dorian Minor(E Major)

END:- A Major to A Natural Minor(C Major)

what we`re picking up?

no need for sections to relate to each other

all chords relate in someway to the first chord in each section

look for scales that contain your first chord

choose chords from some of those scales

put them in any order

you decide how easy the ride.

see you next month with

The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News