Audio Recording Guide

Backing Tracks

right click (save link as..) on any guitar graphic to download the backing tracks

right click (save link as..) on the pdf graphic for the charts

A7 12 Bar Blues

A7 12 Bar Blues mp3 blues chart

use this track for blues soloing

uses A Dorian Minor

for B B King sounds and most rock solos

II V I Chord Progession

II V I Progression mp3 II V I chart

use this track with

Major, Myxolydian and pentatonic patterns

follow the chart

8 bars in each key

C Major Pentatonic Progression #1

C Major Pntatonic Progression #1

Pentatonic Phrases

for C Major Pentatonic only

Apply your phrases to these tracks

try to memorize them but before you get there

you've mastered the b3 followed by 2 or 3

listen to Hendrix,Clapton & Stevie Ray

Pentatonic fingering patterns pentatonic note value chart

C Major Pentatonic Progression #2

C Major Pentatonic Progression #2 mp3

do the same as the above

just another jazzy track

backing tracks