generating your own pentatonic phrases?
best ten minutes you ever spent!


click to generate phrases

watch me demonstrate phrases

watch me manipulate phrases over a progression

licks that only YOU own!

where did I get that from?

well....if you don't know how your pentatonic phrases are built

then you've copied them from someone else

they're not your phrases

they own you

time to lose that NOW!

with this page you can turn the tables

have people copy your licks and phrases

hey if it's good I'll copy it

yeah I'll analyse it............ to see how it's been built

you can start with a 1 2 3 5 6 or a b3

that b3 MUST be followed by a 2 or 3

you CAN'T end on a b3

but you CAN start on a b3

ready to generate your own phrases?

NO there's no need to

use the world's first automatic Pentatonic Phrase Generator below

Presenting The World's first

Pentatonic Phrase Generator

each time this page refreshes it produces a new and unique

Pentatonic Phrase

write it down

play the notes without any rhythmic variation

memorize the order

superimpose over any Major Pentatonic Pattern

you should be able to generate several rhythmic variations

view the phrase below

.......Short Phrases here......

......Longer Phrases here......

click here to refresh the page and get more phrases

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