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King of Chords E-Zine, Issue #016 -- Ipanema Chord Substitutes
August 10, 2009

Girl From Ipanema

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If you've checked out my chord substitution pages, this only for my ezine readers, here's how they work with Girl from Ipanema.

Remember the 3 groups of substitution?

I for III or VI

II for IV

V for VII

This is the next level of chord substitution where chords from any Mode based on the root of chord I of the song may be used.

this song is in F and chord substitutes can be generated from any F Mode.

F Ionian (F)

F Dorian Minor(Eb)

F Phrygian Minor (Db)

F Lydian (C )

F Myxolydian (Bb)

F Aeolian (Ab)

F Locrian (Gb)

instead of ||Fmaj7 |%|G7 |%|Gm7 |%|Gb7 |%||

you could play ||Fmaj7 |%|Bbmaj7b5 |%|Bm7b5 |%|E7+ |%||

how does it work?

first step is to identify the relationship of the chords with chord I (Fmaj7)

Fmaj7 is I

G7 is II (second chord of F Lydian/C Major)

Gm7 is chord II of F Major

Gb7 is a bV substitute for C7 (V of F Major)

|I | % | IImaj7 | % | IIm7 | % | bII7 | % |

second step is to choose chords that support the melody

my chord substitutes

Bbmaj7b5 for G7

substitute rule applied here is IV for II

G7 is II of F Lydian and as long as the melody can be supported it can be substituted for another II or IV from any F mode.

thus the IV of F Major is Bbmaj7 and a possible extention is Bbmaj7b5. add the 6 and you have the melody.

only another 6 modes to experiment with

what would you pick?

Bm7b5 and E7+ is a great side chain effect of chord substitutes.

the II and V that target the I chord may be substituted for the II and V that target the chord substitutes.

Group I in chord substitutes is this I III VI (freely exchange Fmaj7 for Am7 or Dm7 for each other)

so Gm7 C7 Fmaj7 (that's II V I in F)is changed on this song to Gm7 Gb7 Fmaj7 where the Gb7 is a bV sub for C7

the II and V that target Am7 (Bm7b5 and E7+/-) or Dm7 (Em7b5 and A7+/-) can be used to substitute the Gm7 and C7 that are the II V of Fmaj7.

I chose them because they support the melody also.

ah.... then there are the other F modes that generate different III's and VI's and their II's and V's. off you go

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