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King of Chords E-Zine, Issue #015 -- Easy Blues eBook II
April 18, 2009

The Easy Blues eBook II

don't forget to get your free mp3 tracks. click here

I've revamped the Free Easy Blues eBook with this one

The Easy Blues eBook II

It's web based and password protected

shows some great footage

I support you while you master each pattern

watch my demonstrations as many times as you like

you can't lose the book

or misplace the pdf

and you get a bunch of pdf's for guitar chords and scales

to do what you like with

and it's only $10

let me help you to nail blues guitar to the sky above your house

no I haven't forgotten Girl From Ipanema

I have some footage prepared

I got sidetracked doing 32 other tracks

anyway we will return to it soon

thanks for being patient


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