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King of Chords E-Zine, Issue #012 -- Chord Substitution
November 29, 2007

Chord Substitution

how to change your chords for other chords and still have your melody supported

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I've taken "Fly me to the moon"

now I justify the changes

F9 VI sub for Am in C Melodic Minor. The melody notes are supported by C Melodic Minor also.

Bm7b5 II for IV in A Natural Minor (C Major) or can be seen as part of a new II V I in Am

E7#9 V of Am7

Am7 I for III

Go is sub for F#7 (which is a b5 sub for C7 V of F) Go is F#7b9

Dm7 is part of a new II V I in C

G13b9 is V of C

Cmaj7 is sub for Am7. III for I

C#o is a sub for A7. Use a dim chord built on the 3rd or b5th degree of a 7 type chord.

Bm7b5 is part of a new II V I in Am

G#o is sub for E7. 3rd of E7 is G#

Am7 is sub for Cmaj7. I for III

Eo is sub for C7. V of F

Fmaj7 is a sub for Dm7. it’s rare, and it’s a VI for a IV, and it can happen.

E7b9 is V of Am7

Am7 is sub for Cmaj7. I for III

Am7 Fmaj7 Bm7b5 Bb13 is a I VI II V turnaround in Am

Bb13 is a bV sub for E7 (V of Am7)

Now the song is ending on the tonic of A Natural Minor which is Cmaj7.

Fmaj7 is a IV for a II

Eb9 is a bVsub for A7. V of Dm7 Dm7 is II of C C9 is a diminished concept sub for Eb7 V of Abmaj7

(Diminished concept………….exchanging chords in 3 fret intervals)

Abmaj7+11 is a VI for a I. C Phrygian Minor is Ab Major.

Things to remember:-

Sub-groups are I II VI, II IV, V VII.

Are interchangeable within modes of the same name.

I.e. chords from C Major can be exchanged with chords from C Phrygian etc within their respective sub groups. Chord II from C Major (Dm) can be exchanged for chord II of C Phrygian (Dbmaj7)

Support the melody a majority of the time.

Change the melody to fit the chord in special circumstances I.e. when the chord sounds cool

bVsubs for V7s of Is

Deceptive cadences (when the I chord is substituted for a III or a VI, at the last minute) are cool

Diminished concept……………………in depth………………on its way


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