The 5 Golden Rules of Bass

#3 playing the root followed by Scale notes

this is the G Major Scale

here are 2 chords from key of G

| Am7 / / / |D7 / / / |

after playing the roots I choose any of the notes from G Major

also I try to avoid using the root of the next chord till I get there

you may want to download this chart

Your Task:

download the backing track for the Am7 D7 progression

start with the Roots only A for Am7, D for D7 Rule #1

then apply displaced roots A C E G for Am7 D F# A C for D7

then use the roots followed by chord notes Rule #2

then apply Rule #3 follow the roots with Scale notes

these two chords are in G Major so

A then any notes from G Major (within the bar obviously)for Am7


D followed by any notes from G Major, for D7

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