The 5 Golden Rules of Bass

rule #5 Walking Bass

Walking basslines link the roots of each chord via its scale notes.

If you run out of space you can fill the gap with a chromatic non scale note.


The key: - G major G A B C D E F#

The chords: - Am7 & D7

(they are the II chord of G Major and the V chord of G Major)

||: Am7 / / / | D7 / / / :||

A B C C#..D C B Bb

Getting there too soon? use CHROMATIC NON SCALE NOTES …. near the end of the bar.

Check out “Hey Joe” by Hendrix and most Big Band bass parts

here's just one possibility for each chord

Your Task:

apply what you have learnt by using each rule against the backing tracks

download every chart

submitting a progression for analysis is a great learning method:

I can calculate the key for you

show you which pentatonics will work best

and identify some logical displaced roots

just pointing you in the right direction

and giving you the heads up

something I've not seen in any educational dvd

when you are ready to send your progression for analysis click here

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