The 5 Golden Rules of Bass

#4 Major & Minor Pentatonics

||Bm / / / |A / / / |G / / / |F# / / / ||

B Minor Pent for Bm

A Major Pent for A

G Major Pent for G

F# Major Pent for F#

pentatonic phrasing rules

try not to use all of the scale notes

Major 1 2 3 5 6

#1 first note must be the root

#2 you may use a b3 then follow with a 2 or a 3

Minor 1 b3 4 5 b7

#1 first note must be the root

#2 you may use b5 then follow with a 4 or a 5

here are the pentatonic patterns I'm using

get the others below

Your Task:

download the backing track Bm A G F# below

start with rule# 1 just the roots

experiment by using some displaced roots

apply rule# 2 and use the roots followed by chord notes

apply rule# 3 and use scale notes after the root notes

generate some pentatonic phrases like these rule# 4

Minor 1 b3 4 b5 4 b3 5 5

Major 1 1 b3 3 5 6 b3 3

make them last for one bar each

memorize them

play along to the backing track

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