The 5 Golden Rules of Bass


#4 Pentatonics

Am7 supported by A Minor Pentatonic

I'm experimenting with variations on the Minor Pentatonic Pattern

phrasing guidlines

#1 start each bar with the root of the chord

#2 follow with any of the notes from the scale 1 b3 4 b5 5 b7

#3 if you use the b5 follow it with the 4 or 5

#4 try not to use all of the notes

here are some possible combinations

1 b3 b5 4 b3 7b b7 b3

1 b5 5 b7 b7 b3 b3

1 5 4 b5 5 b5 5

1 1 b3 5 b7 5b 5

Your Task:

download the Am7 backing track

memorize some of my pentatonic phrases

as long as you make each phrase fit into a bar

it doesn't matter how long each note lasts

if you are playing in sync or in sympathy with the drums, everything is fine

let the rhythm inspire you

when you are ready to send your progression for analysis click here

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